‘Weeds’ review: Is season 8 still going strong?

We are now three weeks into the final seasons of “Weeds,” and we are starting to have one major question on our mind — just where is the show going to go from here?

We thought going into this season that they were going to take weeks and weeks for Nancy to get to the bottom of Nancy’s shooting, but it’s already happened — and it was Shane who put Tim in handcuffs as a way to “impress” his mother. This moment did come at the end of a couple of scenes where Nancy actually tried to “save” him, and this was a pretty interesting moment for her as a character after realizing everything she has put her own children through. (There were also some creepy moments in here involving dead rabbits.)

Now that he is behind bars, though, we do have a harder time imagining just what this show has left in the talk now. Can we really watch Doug set up a “charity” for the rest of the season, or see Andy try and adjust to his role as a father? It’s all entertaining stuff, but the intriguing thing is that for a show entitled “Weeds,” there’s been hardly no mention of the product at all or what they are planning to do now that Nancy is vowing to turn over a new leaf. Thankfully, the most redeeming thing about the show still is that it is funny. Extremely funny.

What did you think about this episode, and do you have any sort of theories as to where exactly this show is going to go moving forward? We want to hear from you below! Also, be sure to check out some more of our recent “Weeds” episode reviews.

Photo: Showtime

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