‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 premiere review: Walter White is winning

It’s been almost a year since “Breaking Bad” showed us the downfall of Gus Fring (and his face), but we have to say that it was very much worth the wait courtesy of some big changes, strong reactions, and the notion of Walter White as not just a villain, but the villain in Sunday night’s season 5 premiere.

Suffice it to say, our onetime hero is now the king.

During this episode, we were introduced to what will be the story or most of the season. Walt and Jesse found a new truck inside of a dump to serve as their new lab — which is in some ways a return to their roots after spending so long in Gus’ operation. What was a bit more of a surprise was how Gus’ former right-hand man in Mike found a way to keep the peace with these two.

The moment we have a feeling most people will be talking about was Walt ultimately scoring his first big “win” of the season in our eyes — him making sure that there not any evidence that would never implicate him in cooking at Gus’ lab. When you manage to completely trick out an entire police force, you know that you’re doing a pretty good job. The episode ended with the reveal that Walt didn’t end up killing the child from the finale, but they did end up in the hospital thanks to his poison — also, there was one of the more awkward hugs between Walt and Skyler that we have ever seen.

Overall, this episode did not necessary have the fire of last year’s “Box Cutter” — but that is hard when you consider that that episode was of the strongest season premieres in history. This hour was at least stuffed full of the strong acting that you expect from this series, along with an even darker Walt that you are pretty sure is not going to survive the bad karma that is coming his way soon.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out more “Breaking Bad” news straight from the show’s panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: AMC

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