‘Big Brother 14’ review: Ian Terry’s ‘Risky Business’

Welcome back to another edition of “Big Brother 14” — otherwise known as the show where Ian Terry attempting to recreate Tom Cruise’s role in “Risky Business.”

While there was plenty of great content this episode — primarily the coaches’ challenge that saw some of the greatest players in the history of the show ride around like greased-up cowboys — but we still can’t get the image of a semi-clothed geeky college student running around and diving under sofas in the living room. Why? He apparently wanted to feel the house, and apparently either thought that everyone was asleep, or that there was no TV in the Head of Household room for whatever reason. There’s also what he did with Joe’s cowboy hat, but we are trying to wipe that from our mind.

Since we’ve already spoiled what happens in this episode in terms of strategy from the live feeds — mostly in that we already knew that Frank and Kara are on the block and that Ian was spared thanks to Boogie winning the coaches’ challenge. With that in mind, let’s focus on some more hilarious observations from the night.

The weird and wacky from Sunday night:

-If you take away the hair from Frank, he looks like Dexter Morgan. And you people thought Ian was creepy…

-Joe, stop screaming in the Diary Room. The camera is two inches from your face.

-We don’t really get Ian’s game at this point. He’s a little bit creepy, but we also think that there’s just a part o him that is desperate for inclusion and he doesn’t know just where he should be or what he should do. Maybe it’s the geek in us, but we feel for him.

-The line of the night comes from Willie in talking about Ian’s run around the house: “this is like the best movie ever!”

-Dan was smart for throwing the coaches’ challenge, and it just shows yet again why he is one of the best players out there. He’s never overt, but subtle in every move that he makes.

-Boogie’s Diary Rooms are still part evil, and part hilarious. We just miss the fake phone calls between him and Dr. Will.

What was your favorite moment from this episode, and how creeped out were you by Ian’s underwear dance?┬áIf you want to check out some more of the latest “Big Brother” news, be sure to follow this link.

Photo: CBS

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