Comic-Con 2012: Misha Collins on ‘Supernatural’ season 8 presence

Supernatural” is getting to start of its eighth season, and it’s already fair to say that change is afoot when it comes to the show. There is a new showrunner in Jeremy Carver, some more new characters, and also potentially a time jump at some point early in the season. The show is also going to be moving to Wednesdays after spending a couple of years on Fridays — where it actually fared rather well compared to most of the other programming on The CW.

Of course, for longtime fans there is still one question that everyone is asking above all else — how much more are we going to see from Misha Collins? After being a regular for a good part of the series’ run, Castiel and his famous trenchcoat disappeared early on in season 7 after he started to take a walk on the evil side. The good news? By the end of the season, it appeared as though the character had been reborn, and found his place yet again in the world alongside so many other familiar faces.

So how much more of Collins are we going to see in season 8? In keeping with the series tradition, the actor was coy in a chat with Entertainment Weekly at their Comic-Con booth on Saturday — though his presence there alone should be confirmation to fans that he is at least going to play some sort of important role in the episodes coming up. (We want to believe that the same is true for Jim Beaver — regardless of what happened to Bobby.) Collins also couldn’t say anything about whether or not he was going to be in purgatory early on the season — something suggested by what we saw last May.

How much of Cas do you want to see this coming season? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you want to check out more in the way of Sam’s new love interest for season 8, be sure to hit up this link.

Photo: The CW

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