‘The Glee Project’ rankings: Shanna Henderson back to #1

In our first edition of “The Glee Project” rankings earlier this season, we put Shanna Henderson at the top of our list thanks to her having a stellar opening week that included a homework assignment win. Since that point she has floated around the top of the list, but has not emerged again at the top spot … until now. (Meanwhile, the eliminated contestant and our recent interview subject in Charlie Lubeck was last in our rankings last week.)

There is a good bit of movement all across the board this week, and what we are really looking to value at this point are two things — momentum and consistency. You need both to be successful at the end of the day, and the confidence of some previous favorites is starting to crumble.

8. Nellie Veitenheimer (last week: #4) – It’s a big drop for Nellie this week, and it’s one that certainly pains us to have to do since we like her so much. The unfortunate problem here is that while she is an incredible talent, we’re not sure sure that she realizes it just yet. It’s been three straight challenges where her confidence has come into question, and the last thing you want to have on this show is a recurring theme.

7. Michael Weisman (last week: #7) – Michael may have avoided the bottom three last week, but we are seeing the same exact problem with him almost every week — he doesn’t allow himself to have enough fun. Being on “Glee” is about being loose, open to new ideas, and expressing yourself in a big way. With the upcoming episode being all about theatricality, we could see him having trouble.

6. Abraham Lin (last week: #6) – It’s not so much this week what Abraham didn’t do as it is what some of his fellow contestants did — he’s not rising to the occasion enough just yet. Both Ali and Lily Mae specifically had some huge weeks in the “Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way or Another” performance, and he did not stand out as well.

5. Aylin Bayramoglu (last week: #1) – Do we think that Aylin is necessarily in danger after facing Ryan for the second time last week? Not really, and this is even with her giving the weakest of the three performances in the bottom three. What Aylin brings that some of the other contestants lack is personality and drive. You know that she is going to be an interesting character on “Glee,” and we really don’t see her going anywhere in this competition anytime soon.

4. Ali Stroker (last week: #8) – Last week, we said that Ali needs to do something to break out from just being a middle-of-the-road contender into a threat to win the whole thing, and she did just that courtesy of her music video performance. With her circumstances being what they are physically, it would have been easy for her to not take the risks that she did when it came to the slushies and jumping into the pool — but she took them, and may be the bravest person in this competition because of it.

3. Lily Mae Harrington (last week: #5) – After her attitude irked us a little bit earlier this season, Lily Mae has risen on our ranking week after week to the point where she now is a serious contender to win it all. She’s not only bold, but she brings a full gamut of emotions to every performance she gives. She can be vulnerable, angry, and happy all within the span of a minute.

2. Blake Jenner (last week: #2) – Now, we are about consistency. While Blake hasn’t necessarily blown us away recently, he’s done a great job in just about everything. The only last chance performance he has given was as a part of a group of duets, and his acting and professionalism are always top-notch. Plus, the hair!

1. Shanna Henderson (last week: #3) – To this day, Shanna is the only contestant to never appear during a last chance performance. To make it this far without doing something like that is impressive, and the only contestant who could say that last year was Samuel Larsen — and we all saw how that turned out. She’s one of the best singers left in the competition, is a strong actor, and it really feels like she may be the most well-rounded person still in the running.

Who do you think is going to take home the grand prize? If you want to check out a new preview for Tuesday’s episode, click here!

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