‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Ian Terry’s strategy session

The more we have seen out of Ian Terry on the “Big Brother 14” live feed, the more we are starting to feel for the guy. He’s certainly likable enough in our eyes, but there are plenty of questions as to whether or not someone of his age and with his social skills is capable of playing a competitive game like this.

(Warning: The following contains potential spoilers.)

A few hours after the Power of Veto challenge was over — and Shane Meanie was declared the winner –we had what was ultimately a rather personal conversation between Ian and Mike “Boogie” Malin over his strategy in the game so far — or lack thereof. Basically, he has spent the first few days being so in love with being in the house that he has forgotten to actually play the game, and also isn’t showing enough emotion with things that should upset him such as being a have-not. Instead, he’s trying to force “funny TV moments” — such as putting a fake duck on his head to make people laugh — that aren’t coming naturally, and it’s making everyone uncomfortable.

There is a difference between Ian the superfan and Adam the superfan from last season in that Ian seems to genuinely just have some social problems, and the things that work for his friends in real life don’t work in the house. Thus, we had this pep talk with Boogie — which was fascinating on so many levels. Boogie pressed him to be more personable with the other houseguests, and to make bonds with people like Ashley (who is seemingly into guys who look like him) who could help him out in the game. He really just wants him to find his competitive drive, stop pacing around the house trying to find something to do, and to save his own hide next week since Frank and Kara seem to be firmly on the block for the time being.

Ian (who has apparently also been dubbed “the honey badger” in one of the most ironic nicknames ever) at the moment unfortunately seems destined for an early exit, mostly because everyone has become intimidated by him being standoffish and pacing around the house. It’s not intentional, and Boogie’s whole point in this discussion was that if he can tear down the walls and show people the real him, he may actually stick around in this game for a while longer. If he stops standing out for the wrong reasons, someone else will fill this role for him.

Based on what you have seen from Ian so far, do you like or dislike the guy? Be sure to check out some more “Big Brother 14” updates in the sidebar to the right, and more information on the Power of Veto results is over here.

Photo: CBS

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