Did David Letterman spoil ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in ‘Late Show’ chat?

There are nightmares when it comes to spoilers getting out or a movie prior to its release — and then, there are the sort of nightmares that crawl inside of your soul and never leave. For Warner Bros., it’s pretty clear at this moment that their soul may be very well haunted by David Letterman for years to come.

(Warning: Do not read on if you want to go into “The Dark Knight Rises” completely and totally surprised.)

In an interview airing on “The Late Show” Thursday night with Anne Hathaway — one designed to promote the movie coming out later this month — Letterman, who has a habit of just saying whatever ends up entering his mind, was trying to make a joke about not wanting to spoil the ending when he said that “Batman dies” in the end. The problem? Based on Hathaway’s reaction — coupled with Letterman’s quick 180 in saying that such a thing doesn’t actually happen in the movie — he may not have been that far off.

The best part of the interview is when Hathaway looks into the camera and swears to director Christopher Nolan that she did not tell Letterman anything about what is going to be happening at the end of the movie at all. It’s still possible that the late-night host was off base and this was all part of an elaborate stunt to make sure people go see the blockbuster film — but either way, it certainly made for one of the more awkward moments in the recent history of late-night TV.

Do you think Letterman knew what he was doing when he first made the comment here, or do you think this is more of an example of him accidentally putting his foot in his mouth?

Photo: CBS

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