‘Around the World in 80 Plates’: Who are the final three?

Admittedly, we are a day or so behind when it comes to this look at “Around the World in 80 Plates,” but we have to praise the show for giving us what looks to be a pretty great final three for a pretty great first season.

Wednesday night’s episode took us to another new continent in Argentina, and here we saw a completely different style of cooking that we witnessed recently in both Hong Kong and Thailand — namely, a focus on beef above all else. Therefore, should it really come as any surprise at all to anyone that the one person who did not serve meat (in John) ended up being the one going home? It really shouldn’t, mostly because this was something we could have all seen coming the moment that the townspeople pretty much stated that the national motto was “meat=good.”

Rather than go through every detail of this episode (primarily since you’ve probably already seen it), let’s focus instead on ranking the three people left in contention to win the grand prize.

3. Liz – She’s definitely had some big hits, but she’s also had some big misses. What she does benefit from is her status as an underdog, and the act that neither one of the other two chefs seem to be altogether interested in taking her seriously. This could cause her to creep into the top position since there’s less pressure on her.

2. Nookie – From an entertainment standpoint, Nookie is the star of the season. He’s one of the few people who grasped the strategy component of the show as much as the cooking, and he’s played it as though he was on “Survivor” or “Big Brother” courtesy of his alliance-making.

1. Avery – At the end of the day, cooking still matters — and Avery is the best chef left in the competition. We’re not sure how the final three contestants will be judged, but i it is on something pertaining to her skill, she has to have an edge. In addition, we have a hard time thinking that any of the contestants from the past returning next week would have anything but respect or her.

Who do you think is going to win “Around the World in 80 Plates”? We want to hear from you? Be sure share your thoughts in the poll below.

Photo: Bravo

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