‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: Betsy Brandt on Walt vs. Hank

It’s hard when you have an extended family member who is doubling as a kingpin for some illegal substances — then, when you add to the the fact that you also have a husband who works in law enforcement, it’s pretty much impossible. This is the sort of predicament that Marie Schrader is going to find herself in throughout much of “Breaking Bad” season 5 –even if she doesn’t know where Walter White is getting his money at the moment.

So why does the actress behind this role think that Walt is suddenly acting the way that he is now that he has found so much power? Speaking to TODAY.com, Besty Brandt had the following to say about the transformation of Bryan Cranston’s character:

“Walt, he likes the taste of what he’s tasted … He likes the power. He’s getting money. … That’s not something he would let go easily.”

Brandt also opened up about what is also going to be a rather interesting investigation into the “blue” trade by her husband Hank — a man who is not going to realize that the person he is hunting is sitting right under his nose under the guise of a gambling addiction:

“I feel like (in season five), it’s really fun to see Dean [Norris] and Bryan do what they do … Hank is such a great cop and Bryan is such a good criminal. … It’s really interesting to see everything that happens with them.”

So are Hank and Marie ever going to learn Walt’s secret? It’s hard to say for sure — but considering the dark path that Cranston’s character is going down, we certainly can’t see things coming up roses for him in the end.

Do you want Walt to get found out by the rest of his family? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you want to ensure that you catch the premiere of show Sunday if you are a Dish Network subscriber, be sure to visit this link — you will be very happy you did.

Photo: AMC

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