‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Early alliances and house politics

For our second update from the “Big Brother 14” live feed this season (read the first one here), we are going to focus more on the current state of the house — not just the people who are currently nominated, but some of the people with the potential to go far in the game.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

With Willie Hantz firmly established as the current power player, he is trying to do just about everything he can to be the perfect first Head of Household — making clear decisions while trying to cover himself so that nobody gets too angry at him for decisions that he made when he “barely knew” the people he nominated in Frank and Kara. Is it working for him? Not entirely. Most of the house seems to like him as a person, but they are already cognizant that he is playing a very strategic game and has to be watched here on out. Willie also seems to be doing him own thing more than anyone else on Britney’s team, which is also something that is certainly a cause for concern all its own. Willie told Britney that he trusts some of what Boogie is telling him about not putting anyone from his team up on the block next week, but Britney doesn’t but it — instead telling our resident Hantz to try and figure something out with Dan (who he doesn’t trust at all).

When it comes to mentors, Janelle and Britney already clearly have some sort of pact going on, which is great for everyone on their team and bad for everyone else — especially since there are only five people in between Dan and Boogie’s teams. The ladies are at least willing to work with Dan, but nobody really trusts Boogie at all — and this bodes badly for some of his team members.

We have already documented pretty well that Frank is being targeted as a physical threat and could be evicted over Kara, but Ian on Boogie’s team also doesn’t seem to be particularly well-liked by everyone. There was a challenge that only the mentors took part in before the feeds came on Thursday night, and Boogie won it so that he could grant Ian some sort of “safety,” presumably while he tries to figure out some new friends in the game.

The only other thing worth noting at the moment is that Ashley seems to be having some sort of problem with a medical condition. Janelle briefly mentioned it on the feeds, but the video was quick to cut off.

Do you think that it is a smart move at all for everyone to target Boogie’s team right away, and who would you trust if you were Willie? Be sure to check out our review of Thursday night’s premiere, and we are going to have more of the latest live feed spoilers and other “Big Brother” news in the sidebar to the right all season long.

Photo: CBS

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