‘Glee’ season 4 debate: How much romance should there be?

In just over 24 hours, we are going to receive some of our first real tangible details when it comes to the fourth season of “Glee” courtesy of the show’s panel at Comic-Con. Before we get to that point, though, we certainly have some questions of our own.

The primary one? It’s all about romance, and just how much there should be on a show that is meant to emulate high school (and now also college) life. If you look back at New Directions during season 3, every single member of the group ended up either being involved in a romance with someone or had at least feelings for someone else. Even Damian McGinty’s character of Rory had feelings for both Brittany and Sugar despite getting little to no screentime for a good many episodes.

So is this a trend that we would really like to see continue during season 4? Both yes and no. Anyone who is a fan of “Glee” likes to see its characters have a happy ending, but perhaps it would be time to show that happiness can exist without having a significant other in your life. Rather than seeing the heartbreak of Becky Jackson failing to win Artie’s heart, we could instead see yet another reminder that Becky doesn’t need anyone to be happy. She can be confident, funny, and thoroughly engaging on her own and find other ways to occupy her time. There are a few members of New Directions that could learn from this, even though we are pretty sure that Artie and Sugar (if Vanessa Lengies returns) will end up getting together, and that some of the other characters will continue to have eyes geared very much towards finding love.

Really for a show like “Glee,” every story is working towards some sort of endgame. During the first three seasons, it was either about winning Nationals or finding that happily ever after with a certain someone. Kurt seemingly has it with Blaine, Rachel thought she had it with Finn, and Brittany and Santana are likely going to still have it despite being apart. Now that Nationals is in the past, maybe it’s time to establish a different sort of endgame for some of the characters, one geared towards a different sort of success not measured by trophies or having someone on your arm.

Do you think “Glee” could somehow become an even more inspiring show if the focus is taken slightly off of romance in the coming season, and more on some of the individual characters’ self-worth? Be want to hear from you, so be sure to vote in the poll and also check out some more of the latest show news.

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