‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Nominations lead our first update

Big Brother 14” has officially begin, and you know what that means … the live feeds are officially here! This is the first of what will be many glorious looks at the show for the rest of the season, as we will be your up-to-date source for all happenings in the house several times a day. Be sure to keep checking the sidebar to the right upon every visit, just in case there is something you missed.

(Warning: The following contains some major spoilers.)

The first sight we saw on the feeds this season was of a good many houseguests chilling in the kitchen with some of them cooking while the others were having some pretty casual conversation. It literally took less than three minutes for us to get a “we’ll be right back” message, mostly because the houseguests still cannot help itself for some inexplicable reason when it comes to talking about production.

There does appear to be an alliance that has formed between JoJo, Danielle, and Wil in the house, and we can confirm that things seem to be fragmented between various alliances already. Based on the conversation, it does appear that Frank and Kara are the two nominations. Danielle says that she feels bad for Kara, especially since she tends to freak out during physical competitions.

There is a conversation going on up in the Head of Household room between our first HoH of the season in Willie and Boogie, he seems to be doing just about everything he can to keep Frank safe for another week. You can see it in Boogie’s eyes that he is playing him like a fiddle right now. These two are ultimately just playing a chess game with each other to see just how much they may be able to trust each other, and they may need to — after all, Janelle looks like she is going to be getting revenge on Boogie by banding some of the ladies together.

The problem here is that we don’t really know what Willie’s intentions are since he went and told Ashley later that he was considering getting rid of Frank of he ends up staying on the block.

On a different note, the have-nots for the week appear to be Ian, Ashley, and Danielle — let’s hope that Chef Joe is teaching them how to make slop taste like something other than cardboard. JoJo is going to host the Power of Veto competition, and she is already trying to figure out what to wear. There is also something called the coaches’ competition referenced, which may be something new that we see this season.

All in all, there’s a lot of activity going on at the moment to start off the season … and we’re definitely off to a great start.

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Photo: CBS

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