‘Big Brother 14’ review: A Hantz, a Boogie, and a Head of Household

Big Brother 14” is here! We’ve waited for almost a year to see the madness, and overall we have to say that we were not disappointed in any shape or form. The cast is pretty great, we actually like the returning houseguests since they are not playing the same game, and the show wasted no time in starting up drama.

First things first, let’s dive straight into the twist that we all same coming — four houseguests returned to the game, and they each got to pick three contestants to put on their teams in the ol’-fashioned “pick ’em” style:

Team Britney HaynesShane Meaney, Willie Hantz, JoJo Spatafora

Team Mike “Boogie”Frank Eudy, Ian Terry, Jenn Arroyo

Team Janelle PierzinaWil Heuser, Ashley Iocco, Joe Arvin

Team Dan GheeslingKara Monaco, Danielle Murphree, Jodi Rollins

These teams were particularly interesting in that Shane was the first person picked (probably due to his look and athleticism), while Jodi was the last. From there, the houseguests took park in a Head of Household challenge that was hilarious, but there was also a twist — the losing team had to send one person home right away courtesy of their mentor. The challenge itself was rather hilarious, as it featured contestants jumping across beds to collect teddy bears. The winning coach then got to pick the Head of Household.

The moment we saw that Britney had two beefcakes on her team in Willie and Shane, we knew that she was going to have a huge advantage — and despite some struggles by JoJo, it paid off. Britney then did what was also a really smart thing for her team — she picked Willie as the Head of Household, knowing that she needed to put somebody in power who would really actually need the power in order to stick around and solidify a position in the game. Even if he’s denying any relation to Russell Hantz, we all know — it’s as obvious as the sky is blue or Rachel Reilly is loud.

Ultimately, this eviction was pretty terrible — Dan made the decision to get rid of someone in Jodi who would have actually been a good player for him. Instead, he kept Danielle — who we’re not sure brings anything to the table outside of being a southern belle. All in all, though, this has the makings of being a fantastic season, and we can’t wait for more. With that being said, we’re going to have plenty of it courtesy of the live feeds all season long.

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Photo: CBS

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