Comic-Con 2012: ‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers via Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski is one of the high-profile guest stars appearing on “Dexter” season 7, and thanks to her status as a Comic-Con favorite (“Chuck” fans unite!), she was a smart choice by Showtime to be in attendance for the event on Thursday.

Before the panel discussion even happened on Thursday evening, Strahovski stopped by Entertainment Weekly and give a basic description of her character:

“Hannah McKay is a woman who is haunted by a very dark past … [Her relationship with Dexter] could be all of the above or none of the above.”

Michael C. Hall also jumped in to the discussion, and did his part to explain for the first time just how Dexter ends up meeting this character in the first place:

“Deb, in an attempt to distract him from something, she assigns him to work on a case that leads to her getting a DNA sample from Hannah.”

There were not too many specifics handed out about the new season, but he said that what is particularly interesting is to see how the character operates now that his secret has been revealed to Deb. He is more human now, and struggles some of the emotions that everyone does on a daily basis. The twist here? These are not emotions that he is used to dealing with thanks to the way in which he has lived his life in secret.

There were some promises that we would meet some “formidable” characters over the course of this season, but for the time being that is all these two super-secretive actors are going to say. We will have more coverage of “Dexter” at Comic-Con in this article a little later once more interviews are conducted; with that in mind, stay tuned!

If you haven’t seen the two latest promos yet for the show, be sure to check them out over at this link.

Update: You can now watch the first two minutes of the new season!

Photo: Showtime

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