Former ‘Lost’ star slams ‘Swamp People,’ calls show ‘disgusting’

If nothing else, Dominic Monaghan has managed to make a name for himself for being outspoken — even years after his time on lost ended when (sarcastic spoiler alert!) his character of Charlie drowned at the end of “Lost” season 3.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account — and this comes mere weeks after he made headlines about some comments about Matthew Fox that shocked a good many members of the “Lost” faithful — the star of the upcoming “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” held nothing back when it came to how he feels about History’s “Swamp People” — a show that focuses almost entirely on alligator hunters in the state of Louisiana:

“If my hero #steveirwin‬ was around those shows about killing alligators wouldn’t be on tv. I’m gonna stop them. Watch this space … If alligator populations need to be controlled I understand but the act should not be glorified on tv.disgusting.These are living creatures.”

The reality here, unfortunately for Monaghan, is that “Swamp People” has quickly become one of the most-popular series on History, and does not look as though it is going anywhere despite the tragic death of Mitchell Guist earlier this year just as he was setting out on a boat to do what he loved. Does he have a point in that these sort of hunting-oriented shows are controversial? Definitely, and you could also make a point that the glorifying of the acts seen on TV could inspire other people to go out and do the same thing. The problem with this same argument is that many of the show’s stars would say back that the work they do in keeping a population controlled is important, and the TV cameras just so happen to be there to capture their everyday lives for the enjoyment of others (not to mention the paycheck that they take out of it).

What do you think about Monaghan’s comments, and do you think shows like “Swamp People” are problematic?

Photo: History

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