AMC puts ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 premiere online, counters Dish

If you are a Dish Network subscriber currently being shut out when it comes to AMC programming, the network has a message for you — they still want you to see one of your favorite shows in “Breaking Bad.”

With that in mind, there is a rather brilliant way now for subscribers to be able to see the first episode of season 5 online while they, per the network’s instructions, try to find a way to switch providers to everyone else who carries their programming. All you have to do is visit beginning Friday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, register as a Dish subscriber, and you will not have to miss out on seeing one of television’s finest shows. It’s possible that many Dish users decided to hold on to the provider hoping that there would be a resolution (as there often is) before the premiere, but that just hasn’t happened and there does not appear to be an end to this madness on the horizon.

Battles between cable network and service providers are starting to become unfortunately commonplace at the moment in the television world. AMC and AT&T recently came to an agreement on a contract that barely stopped a similar sort of problem with their service, and there is still a dispute going on between DirecTV and Viacom that has left tens of millions of users without programming on MTV, BET, and many other networks. It’s ultimately a battle of companies wanting more money for the content they provide, and carriers not wanting to pay higher prices without potentially raising the price on the consumer end. Interestingly, AMC is making this move to put their show online, while Viacom has actually removed full episodes from many of their shows from the internet in an attempt to increase their programming’s value.

Do you think that this is a smart move for AMC to make to show support for their fans?

Photo: AMC

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