‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: More on Bonnie’s struggle

If there is a character on “The Vampire Diaries” who you can label has gone through a lot, it’s Bonnie Bennett. After all, we have seen this young woman meet her long-forgotten mother, get abandoned by her again, see her then-boyfriend in Jeremy fall in love with his dead ex, and now her best friend is turning into one of the things that she hates in a vampire.

Despite how much hatred Bonnie may have in her heart for these blood-suckers, you may still be surprised to hear that Kat Graham is still so confident that her character is going to be more of a shoulder to lean on than someone spewing out vampire hate. Here is what the actress had to say on this very subject for the time being to E! News:

“Bonnie’s going to be put in a position where she’s going to try and do everything she can to help Elena through the transition … Bonnie is going to be delving into a couple of things that she’s never had. She’s going to be meeting a new someone.”

Who could this someone be? That’s the question that we are sure all romance fans are going to be asking themselves for quite some time, especially if it is a love interest. Last season, we saw a new character get introduced into Bonnie’s life in Jamie, but for whatever reason, whether it be chemistry or it feeling a little bit strange since he was in some ways her adopted brother, the two never really got together at the level that many predicted that they would at the time that the casting was first announced. We just hope that whoever this new person may be, they find a way to bring something more out of Bonnie and shows us a different side of the character.

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Photo: The CW

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