‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ reunion: More from Heather Dubrow

We’ve already made it clear that in our mind Heather Dubrow was the breakout star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” so with that in mind it only made sense that she would be the featured guest on the “Watch What Happens Live!” after-show.

What was interesting about this appearance, though, is that Dubrow did not just talk about some of her fellow co-stars — she also defended one of their boyfriends against a scathing new claim by a news magazine that he was a “deadbeat dad.” In response to a question from a caller concerning Brooks Ayers and these allegations, all she said was that the representation by “20/20” of who Brooks was happened to be a little bit unfair:

“I think for me personally I’m very fond of Vicki, and I’ve had nothing but lovely interactions with Brooks … I think it’s sad that a news magazine such as 20/20 [when labeling him a deadbeat dad] didn’t cover both sides, but you will be seeing Brooks on the show next week for Part 2 so maybe he can answer some of your questions.”

While part one of the reunion was mostly about the women, the guys are going to take center stage more in part two — and hopefully, they will enable us to get a better sense of why some of the relationships are the way that they are between some of these ladies. Luckily for Heather, her husband has not faced much in the way of negativity on the show — and she also has been able to avoid some of the major feuds herself throughout the season (even though she did have some choice words for one Alexis Bellino at the end of the reunion Tuesday about her alleged treatment of the crew).

Do you think Heather answered the question about Brooks the right way, and do you think it is even fair that fans should be so involved in the personal lives of some of these stars? Be sure to check out this story if you want more in the way of our opinion on Heather from this season.

Photo: Bravo

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