‘The Newsroom’: Olivia Munn defends Aaron Sorkin series

While we have overall found “The Newsroom” to be a pretty fantastic piece of storytelling thus far, not everyone has agreed — with many critics going as far as to say that the show is both an inaccurate and unfair portrayal of the media while others blast that the women on the show are often being forced into a subservient positions.

So what does one of the show’s most-prominent female actors have to say about the controversy? In short, she is doing just about everything that she can to stand up for show creator Aaron Sorkin. When it comes to specifically the tendency by some of his female characters to panic, Olivia Munn claims in an interview with Vulture that Sorkin is really just trying to write these characters from a place that is familiar to the actors playing them:

“If you get bothered by the freak-outs, I can tell you that if you know these women, they come from a place of truth … Alison [Pill] is one of the most genuine, excited, genuinely excited people you will ever meet. In the middle of a live set, she’ll be screaming about hockey. She’s Canadian and she’s like, ‘Go Canada!’ And then you have Emily [Mortimer], who’s got two small children and has this crazy great energy. She never seems tired, she lifts you up.”

As for the criticism of the news portion of the show, Munn claims that Sorkin is an enormous fan of the media machine– and rather than to decry it on his show by exposing some flaws, he is hoping at the end of the day to try and make people “fall in love with the news again.” So far on this point, we feel as though Sorkin is doing his job successfully — although there are some problematic characters, the show also shows the effort and the pain that is brought into delivering what is as close to an honest look at the events of the day as possible.

What do you think of Munn’s response to this criticism? To view our most recent piece regarding last week’s episode of “The Newsroom,” please visit this link.

Photo: HBO

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