‘American Horror Story’ season 2 spoilers: More to join Adam Levine

If you thought that “American Horror Story” was even somewhat close to wrapping up casting for its second season, prepare to be proven wrong — there are still all sort of characters that Ryan Murphy and company are looking into when it comes to filling out their patients for their insane asylum setting.

According to TVLine, here are some of the new characters that could end up joining the ranks of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and “The Secret Circle” alum Chris Zylka on the show:

-Wendy, who is described as a lesbian hippie in her thirties

-Abigail, who is a “lady of the night” if you catch our drift

-Frank McGuire, a man who could be the potentially head of security at the institution run by Jessica Lange’s character

-Mother Superior Claudia, who will be the boss of nun’s character.

-An Irish priest named Father Malechi — which is a name that certainly has a creepy feel to it.

-A farmer named Morley Potter

-Two more lesbian characters named Barb and Lois

-An ex-soldier named Carl, who now serves as an orderly for the institution

Season 2 does not yet have a formal premiere date, but if we had to guess, we would think that the show would star back this fall around the season time as the first batch of episodes premiered. Murphy has yet to show off anything in the way of content, or even a promotional teaser for the show just yet — in other words, he’s either keeping everything close to his vest, or that he is so busy in between running this show and “Glee” that he hasn’t got anything to the point yet where he is ready to show it off.

What are you the most excited about at the moment when it comes to season 2 of this show? Be sure to check out some of our recent casting scoop, and share your thoughts below!

Photo: FX

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