‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: A look at Kara Monaco

We have made it to the final edition of our “Big Brother 14” houseguest spotlight series, and this is someone in particular who should be going into this season with something major to prove. Professional models don’t always do very well on this show, and as a former Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco is also going to have to buck that perception of her, as well, as someone there to add to her resume rather than just playing the game.

Will she do so? We have to admit that we’re still skeptical.

Name – Kara Monaco

Age – 29

Occupation – Model

Location – Los Angeles, California (originally Orlando, Florida)

“Big Brother” history – Kara claims to have watched the show since season 7, which gives her a decent understanding of the show. However, we really don’t get a sense in many of her interviews just who she is a fan of outside of maybe Jeff and Evel Dick. Could anyone actually see Kara playing like Evel Dick? That would be fun…

Strategy – Kara wants to form a friendship with someone … and then maybe form an alliance out of it. Wait, shouldn’t be the other way around? We don’t really buy the whole “alliances are bad early in the game” shtick. After all, look at the Brigade, or look at Jeff and Jordan! Even though the veterans’ alliance did not work out that well in season 13, one of them still won.

Kara says that she wants to make big moves, but she doesn’t seem locked into it. Thanks to that, we definitely see her as someone who could just end up being a floater.

Strengths – She has a great memory, which could suit her well in some challenges or for trying to sort out alliances. Like just about every other contestant, she says that she has been training for the show for a while and is a strong physical competitor. Being a model on the scale that she has could also help her, in that she has obviously communicated with a good many people and has some sort of media training.

Weaknesses – We’re not really buying that Kara is tough enough for this game yet. She talks up a good game, but can she back it up? She just seemed to be so quiet and timid in some of her interviews that strategically, she could be eaten alive. She also is pretty dependent on no one recognizing her from her magazine-posing days. It’s unlikely that this will happen, but if it does it could be an easy way to get her out the door.

Prediction – This may sound strange, but it may not be a good thing if Kara doesn’t do well for the show. She may be a former Playmate and ironically a Disney princess, but she’s really not that interesting. She doesn’t seem that excited about “Big Brother,” and the way in which some interviewers have described her suggest that she’s really not going to give good diary room sessions.

When it comes to Kara’s actual performance, we can see this going two ways — she could either float deep in the game, or get taken out early by someone hoping to keep real players around. We’re betting on the latter, even though it may be wishful thinking. Don’t expect to see her for too long.

How well do you think Kara will do? We want to hear from you below! Before the season starts tomorrow, be sure to check back later in the day as we will publish our final predictions on how these newbies are going to fare this season.

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Photo: CBS


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