ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: New castings may impact Beckett

As if you thought that the case surrounding the death of Beckett’s mother on “Castle” was not complicated enough already, wait until you start speculating about the newest bit of information hitting the web. We had a feeling that there were multiple parties involved in this case … but who knew we could be talking about members of political parties?

According to TVLine, the show is in the process of casting two new roles for that are certainly ones of a high stature — Senator Randall Stinson and Vice President Russell. While it should be noted that it has not necessarily been confirmed that these two are involved in what happened to Kate’s mother, this case is going to dominate at least the early stages of season 5.

Executive producer Andrew Marlowe said in a recent interview that ultimately, his goal was to get the case surrounding Beckett’s mom solved pretty quickly, mostly so that the show can move on to some other things — including both some lighthearted storylines and some that could focus more on the romantic relationship that Castle and Beckett are now trying to form. The hook-up during the season finale was not just a one-night stand, and these two are going to make a serious go at having an actual relationship — even though they may have left out a step or two on the road to getting there. We shouldn’t necessarily expect them to jump ahead to marriage anytime soon, but the two clearly have some issues to work out, including if they are going to break the news to everyone at the station that they are now dating.

There is no announced season premiere date for “Castle” just yet, but our gut tells us it will probably be one of the two last Mondays in September — otherwise known as what is traditionally the start of new network programming in the fall.

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Photo: ABC

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