‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: A Willie Hantz debate

We are nearing the end of our “Big Brother 14” houseguest spotlight series, and with that it only seems appropriate to close things off with a pair of contestants who we first found some scoop on before their names were officially even unveiled by the show — Willie Hantz and Kara Monaco.

We’ll have more on the former Playmate of the Year later in the day — but first (to quote the Chenbot herself), we begin with a look on Russell Hantz’s little brother.

Name – Willie Hantz

Age – 34

Location – Dayton, Texas

Occupation – Tankerman

“Big Brother” history – We are not quite sure that Willie know so much about “Big Brother,” but he’s certainly familiar with reality TV. His brother Russell is one of the most notorious villains in “Survivor” history, and we have to think that he was probably schooled by his entire family on some strategies to win the game before even entering the house.

He may not be a “Big Brother” superfan, but Willie is probably familiar enough with the game to do rather well. We will give him some credit at least for liking Daniele Donato, and for realizing that Rachel Reilly adds value to the game.

Strategy – The issue we have with Willie’s plan is that, like his brother, he seems intent on being evil from the get-go. He doesn’t want to belittle anyone or be a bully, but he plans to stab people in the back, lie, cheat, and even flirt with the women despite having a girlfriend back at home.

It’s understandable that Willie isn’t planning to tell anyone about his family allegiance, but he’s being a little bit naive with his hopes that nobody is going to recognize him.

Strengths – There’s no question that Willie has a strategic mind, and he also has a lot of fight into him. He is more than a little bit competitive, motivated to win so that he could quit his job, and he also recognizes that one of Russell’s problems is making alliances too early in the game that end up having a polarizing effect.

We do like Willie’s idea of trying to make everyone go insane in the house, and try to make it seem as though he is not the person behind the insanity. This at least worked for Russell his first time around.

Weaknesses – First things first, Willie is a Hantz — and with that comes a lot of baggage. While not everyone may recognize him, someone like Ian will from the get-go. He also has a bad temper, and this could end out hurting him in the same way that it did with Brandon Hantz. He could come across as a loose cannon, and even if he is the perfect goat for the end of the game there may only be so long that people can put up with him.

Prediction – Let’s be honest here — so long as Willie is a Hantz, he has no chance at winning this game. Ian will probably point out who he is on day one, and that will put an enormous target on his back. It may take at least a week or two for the entire house to realize that this is something they don’t want to deal with, but after that, he’s a goner.

In all honesty, we’d be shocked if Willie even makes it to the jury stage of the game. It’s not his fault — but unless he goes in trying to prove that he’s not Russell, there’s no way these people will keep him around thanks to history alone.

Do you think that Willie is doomed from the start on this show thanks solely to his own family? We want to hear from you in the poll below! Also, be sure to check out all of the other entries in our series:

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Photo: CBS


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