‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: About JoJo Spatafora

As if we have not had enough models on “Big Brother 14” in the past, we now introduce JoJo Spatafora — a woman who claims that her job is to “look hot” and make money. If she ends up winning this season, America may very well do a collective facepalm.

Based on the video footage that we have seen of JoJo so far, she at least continues the tradition of loud, opinionated people from Staten Island standing out on reality TV.

Name – JoJo Spatafora

Age – 26

Location – Staten Island, New York

Occupation – Promotional Model

“Big Brother” history – JoJo calls herself a quick “Big Brother” fan, mostly in that she has only started watching the show months before she got on. While we can’t exactly claim that she is a superfan, she is at least someone who is putting forth the effort to learn about the show beforehand. Credit is due there.

JoJo is an Evel Dick fan, but like everyone else on the show, she is also a Rachel hater. Why can’t anyone appreciate the greatness that is a Rachel Reilly freakout?

Strategy – She wants to be a hero … and a villain? Really, she just wants to be herself and hope that America likes her for it. She is convinced that she is a fantastic communicator, and as someone in promotions, she can at least say that she has no problem dealing with trying to convince people to save her hide.

Outside of this, we don’t really know how JoJo plans on actually winning the prize at the end here.

Strengths – JoJo is feisty, quick to state her mind, and her social game may be one of the best out of every contestant there this season. She’s also willing to flirt with anyone (guys or girls) in order to get herself further in the game if need be. We expect her to be pretty good at some of the physical challenges, and she could do well especially when it comes to finding out things about some of the other people in the house for some of the tasks based around that.

Weaknesses – How badly does JoJo really want it? After watching her video, we’re not altogether sure she is going to be the sort of person willing to stand outside for five hours straight in an endurance competition. We just don’t know if she loves “Big Brother” enough to do that. She’s not looking forward to slop, thinks before she speaks, and we really don’t get a sense of whether or not she has much of a feasible gameplan going into the house outside of just being social. Sure, this may help her for a few weeks … but what about when alliances are already formed?

Prediction – The only models that tend to do well on the show are the ones who get into the game quickly, and we’re not quire sure if JoJo has that in her despite her becoming a quick fan. “Big Brother” is a hundred times harder than it looks, and she admits to not taking everything in her life seriously. Simply due to the fact that there may only be three pre-jury boots this season, she will probably spare herself from that embarrassment — however, we can’t see her making it too deep unless she just stays quiet and becomes the world’s biggest floater. She’s an early jury member in our mind.

Do you think JoJo has a fighting chance this season, or does she need to figure out a little more how to fight for her life in the game? We want to hear from you! Be sure to share your thoughts in the poll, and check out all of the other entries in our houseguest spotlight series:

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Photo: CBS


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