‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Is Shane Meaney mean?

For a season of “Big Brother” with a number of models and aspiring actress types in the house, we surprisingly only have a couple of guys who can be considered the typical male by this show’s standards. Shane is one of these such people — and while he seems relatively convinced that he will be the next Big Jeff, we’re not quite so sure.

Name – Shane Meaney

Age – 26

Hometown – Bennington, Vermont

Occupation – House Flipper

“Big Brother” history – Shane knows “Big Brother,” but he falls somewhere in between Jenn (who has seemingly never watched an episode in her life) and Ian (who at one point supposedly moderated some of the Wikipedia pages for the show). He knows enough to get by, but not necessarily every little detail of what has been featured on the show over the years.

Strategy – Like many of the other contestants, Shane is adopted a mantra of “I’ll be a hero if I can,” but he is not willing to live and die in the game by this strategy. He’ll be willing to change up his game on the fly if need be, and he’s being pretty dishonest from the get-go — it’s becoming a ridiculous tactic to hide your true profession, and he is going to be claiming that he is a beer and wine salesman rather than a house flipper (which in reality he is both). If everyone was actually truthful about what they did for a living, the playing field would ironically be close to even again!

We’re really not quite sure that Shane has a plan to get to the end, and with his claims that “the guys will want to be me” and “the girls will want to be with me,” there’s a part of us that wonders whether or not Shane thinks he’s on “The Glass House” and America votes for him to make it to the end.

Strengths – It’s hard to deny that Shane is a strong, good-looking guy who is probably going to do well in some of the physical challenges. As a matter of fact, we would be positively stunned if he doesn’t find a way to mop the floor with the competition during some of these athletic tasks. He’s also got a good shot at finding himself a showmance — especially with Danielle, since he likes southern belles. These can work to your detriment, but if it is with someone like Danielle that everyone will potentially like, it could help to also raise his stock.

Weaknesses – Unless a showmance works out, Shane admits to having trouble being played by women — and with so many ladies in the house who know how to use their looks to their advantage, he could be in serious trouble. There’s also the issue here that Shane thinks that he is just about the greatest man in the history of the universe, and he is a bit delusional when it comes to how everyone will like him and how good he will probably do. The guy is¬†certainly¬†in for a rude awakening in that regard.

Prediction – Can we see Shane winning? If he wins enough Head of Household challenges, sure — but we’re thinking that a few weeks into the jury phase of the game, he is going to lose a challenge and be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Alpha males need a good alliance to make it to the end (see Hayden or Dan), so unless Shane is smart enough to pair himself with like likes of Frank or some of the strong women, he’ll probably be backdoored at around the final six or seven.

Do you think Shane rivals the Dos Equis guy as the Most Interesting Man of the World, or do you predict that his arrogance is going to be getting the best of him sooner rather than later in this game? As always, be sure to vote in our poll below — and also check out some of the links for more in our houseguest spotlight series.

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