‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: Brendon and Rachel campaign hard


Considering that the odds of one of them going home this coming Thursday are rather high, it’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone to see that a pair of houseguests are doing everything they can to fight for their lives in the “Big Brother” game.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

On the live feed Sunday night, the show’s craziest couple paid Head of Household Daniele a visit, and did their best to try and claim that if Daniele put up a floater, they would hit the “reset” and pretend like the past week or so in the house never even happened. (Of course, this benefits them more than anyone else since Daniele can’t really do that — Dominic is gone now.) As for who they specifically want on the block, the name Lawon comes to mind immediately. He’s a guy that moves based on what direction the wind is blowing, and his most significant contribution to the game thus far has been taking the HoH robe and strutting around in it.

The Veto Ceremony is on Monday, and despite Rachel’s protests it appears at the moment as though Daniele is likely going to put up either Jordan or Porsche — while she wants Jordan to stay, getting rid of Porsche (who is a “Brenchel” crony) does not necessarily seem like the worst option ever.

Do you think there is any way Daniele will fall for this bait?

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