‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Could Jodi Rollins win?

For our new “Big Brother 14” spotlight, we have a woman who is certainly nice, polite, and ready to be herself in the house — will that actually work? Probably not,

Nonetheless, we have to say that Jodi Rollins may be one of our favorite new contestants this season. She’s smart, funny, and seems so genuinely enthusiastic about playing that it’s hard not to root for her.

Name – Jodi Rollins

Age – 42

Location – Englewood, California

Occupation – Restaurant server

“Big Brother” history – We have a superfan! Jodi seems to have watched almost every season of the show, and she has an extensive knowledge of the game. She loved Daniele and Dominic from last season, didn’t really care for Jeff and Jordan, and has actually fallen asleep while watching the feeds and dreaming about being on the show.

We love people who are so enthusiastic about the game (to the point where she just wants to “touch stuff”), but not enthusiastic to the point where she would follow a veteran blindly if she is in the game.

Strategy – Basically, Jodi wants to be a hero — as so many other people do when they play this game. Does this mean that she is going to be completely nice all of the time, though? Don’t count on it. Jodi’s strategy reminds us a bit of what Kim Spradlin actually did on “Survivor: One World” this season — she made sure she was everyone’s friend, but also was willing to get her hands dirty to lie and manipulate her way through the game if need be.

Strengths – Is there anyone on this season as well-spoken as Jodi? We’re not sure if there is. She knows exactly what she wants to say and how to say it, and this could allow her to actually keep her head on straight in a place where people tend to quite frankly go insane. She’s also in pretty good shape as a marathon runner, and knows the game so well that she will be able to anticipate some of the mental challenges.

Weaknesses – Jodi loves “Big Brother,” but if she gets too obsessed about it she could become a target. Sometimes, contestants don’t want to be intimidated by how much someone knows about the game, especially when it is perceived that they could use it to their advantage. The only reason this didn’t hurt Adam last year was because he was pretty useless in most of the challenges.

As one of the older houseguests, Jodi also has to deal with the inherent disadvantage that comes with being an outsider from the get-go — at least for her, there is some good news in that Joe Arvin and Jenn Arroyo are also close to her age, so there is a bit more common ground than usual.

Prediction – Everything about Jodi suggests to us that she could go very far in this game, and we genuinely feel that this could happen. She’s definitely smart enough, and is going into this with the right mindset to win. It also helps that we think that she will be someone that America likes, and actually wants to get behind and root for. If there is a twist where they vote, this may very well help her.

Up there with Frank and Danielle, Jodi could be one of the season’s biggest threats to take home the grand prize.

How well do you see Jodi doing this season? We want to hear from you below! Also be sure to check out some of our other houseguest spotlights:

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Photo: CBS


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