‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Introducing Wil Heuser

Before we say goodbye to this day’s edition of “Big Brother 14” coverage, we have one more houseguest spotlight to share — and this one is for a guy who has already made a name for himself as one colorful character. There’s no denying that Wil Heuser is someone who is going to get plenty of attention during this season … but is he a good player? That is the question we’ll be asking ourselves for some time as this season gets going.

Name – Wil Heuser

Age – 24

Hometown – Louisville, Kentucky

Operation – Marketing Consultant (or “creative director,” as he prefers to call it)

“Big Brother” history – Wil’s got a pretty unique history with the game. He claims to have watched the first few seasons only to later drift away from the show — however, he did get back into it in recent years and has studied up once again. He doesn’t really talk a ton about past seasons, but there is at least an intermediate knowledge of the game there.

Strategy – The good news is that Wil has no intention of being a floater in this game — he plans to pick a side very quickly, and then use that alliance to get him as far as possible. He actually wants to be aligned with someone that no one would expect him to team up with, primarily since it would allow him to go under the radar.

What we do like about Wil’s game is that he is looking to go with the flow pretty well. He’s not necessarily looking to backstab or be one of the biggest villains in reality TV history, but he will do if it takes him further in the game.

Strengths – It’s possible that a good many people in this game are going to underestimate what Wil actually brings to the table. He’s a triathlete, and could do well in pretty much any challenge thrown at him — though he is hoping more to win Power of Veto necklaces than Head of Households to avoid having the biggest target possible on his back. He also seems to be reasonably smart when it comes to his strategy — after all, forming a secret alliance worked well to get the Brigade the numbers in this house.

Weaknesses – We get it, Wil — you’re an athlete, a musician, a creator, and apparently the most incredible person of all time. Does this guy even remember that “American Idol” used him in a reject reel back in season 8? He’s way too full of himself for a guy who has yet to do anything in the game yet, and that could reflect poorly on him if he enters the house with this sort of attitude. The way he pulls faces after answering every question he is asked is really quite frankly irritating, though we don’t know if he does that in real life or just in interviews.

Also, Wil’s not much of a fan of slop — which to us means that his resolve could be shaken in the right circumstances. What happens if this guy could win a Power of Veto in exchange for cutting that hair?

Prediction – Wil is probably going to be overlooked at first, and he seems smart enough to know to lay low for a few weeks. However, we see the houseguests starting to get irritated with him around the jury phase of the game, which is also where we could see his head getting a little too big and him wanting to make some big move that he really doesn’t need to make. He’ll be a good character to watch all summer, but we don’t see him winning.

What’s your take on the character that is Wil, and do you see him going far? As always, we want to hear what you have to say! Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the poll below, and click below to visit some of our other features in the houseguest spotlight series:

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Photo: CBS


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