‘Weeds’ season 8, episode 2 review: Nancy takes a vow

After spending seven full seasons watching Nancy Botwin act based on her own selfish desires, could we actually be seeing a change in her? Based on what we saw Sunday night on “Weeds,” this is at least what the producers behind the Showtime hit want you to believe.

After nearly losing her life (and consequently racking up her hospital bills) thanks to the shooting, we have witnessed something that could be considered a game-changer for the show if done right — Mary-Louise Parker’s character no longer has any desire to be what she refers to as a “bad person.” Instead, she wants to help other people in whatever way she knows how. When it came to the hospital, this simply meant giving away some special cookies to all of the patients who are already in misery.

However, don’t think that this is not the same Nancy at her essence that we have come to know and relish watching. Instead of using her connections to gouge someone to her benefit this week, she threatened a greedy hospital clown to change his business model (in taking advantage of some of the other patients) or face her consequences using a hyped-up persona about her mob connections. How is she going to be able to apply this lifestyle change once she is out of those four walls? Well, we’re about to find out — she was released at the end of the episode, which means that at least in terms of setting, next week’s episode will be a return to form.

The other storylines this week dealt with insecurity, with investigation, and even with Kevin Nealon being the world dirtiest version of one of the guys from “Shark Tank.” However, none of them brought the same sort of fundamental change to a character that we saw from Nancy here. This new philosophy for her has us more excited for a season of “Weeds” than we have been in years — mostly because we want to see if she can keep it up. Considering that this is the last season, though, she’s not going to have much time to test the waters.

What did you think about Sunday night’s new episode, and do you think Nancy can really transform into someone who helps others? If you still want to check out some other “Weeds” coverage, be sure to click this link for more!

Photo: Showtime

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