‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Danielle Murphree

In case you haven’t noticed by now, “Big Brother” traditionally casts the same sort of characters every season. You have the loudmouths, the intellectuals, the beefcakes, and the southern belles. When it comes to Danielle Murphree, she easily falls into the latter category. She seems to be a sweet, smart person with aspirations to do well in the game — though she’s also not willing to compromise her integrity in order to do so.

Name – Danielle Murphree

Age – 23

Hometown – Grant, Alabama (currently living in Tuscaloosa)

Occupation – Nurse

“Big Brother” history – While she may not be a diehard fan, she has at least watched several seasons, understands how the game is played, and knows the sort of player that she wants to be like. Don’t expect to see her running around quoting past houseguests, but don’t be surprised if she uses the tricks of a Porsche or a Jordan to get far in the game.

Strategy – As one of the few players to admit that she may be a floater, Danielle may get a scarlet letter right away from many fans who want to see competitors. However, her strategy is a good one if she wants to win $500,000 — she will spend the first few weeks working on building some great relationships with some fellow houesguests, and then around the final 10 pick up her competitive game and start trying to win some challenges. She doesn’t want to win all of the time — just when she needs to — and if she is in the right alliance this could work out in her favor.

Strengths – When you have to live with someone for months, never discount the importance of being a nice person. Danielle seems to be just that, and she a big heart and will do whatever she can to get along with others. She’s also reasonably athletic, quiet enough to not ruffle any feathers, and she is willing to make a variety of alliances early on. She also doesn’t look like she is going to burden herself with a showmance unless the person is someone that she would genuinely want to date in real life.

Weaknesses – Floaters, grab a lifevest! If there is anyone on this season determined to get rid of middle-of-the-road players early on, Danielle’s goose could be cooked before she can ever prove what she can do in some of the challenges. She may be too honest or her own good, too unwilling to make big moves, and her intelligence may keep her from being someone who is seen as a non-threat in the later stages of the game. If she makes it to the final five, she will be the one that everyone wants out.

Prediction – If Danielle makes it to the final two, you may as well write her the check. She’s so likable that it’s hard to see a jury of people not wanting to give her money to further her dreams of being a nurse practitioner. However, we still think that people are remembering the lessons from Jordan in season 11, and aren’t going to let somehow make it to the end who has made no enemies whatsoever and was a floater through much of the game. In our mind, she has third or fourth place written all over her.

How well do you think that Danielle is going to do this season, and in your mind is there such a thing in the “Big Brother” game as being too nice? We want to hear from you! Be sure to both vote in the poll and share your comments below.

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