‘America’s Got Talent’ rankings: Sizing up Turf, Monday’s performers

On Tuesday night, twelve more acts from across America are going to be competing on the “America’s Got Talent” live performance show, and this is the time of the week when we like to gauge just who from the group is the most qualified to actually advance to the next round.

We’ll be the first to admit that we weren’t exactly perfect with our picks last week — especially when it comes to ranking the advancing Scott Brothers #11 and the eliminated 787 Crew #1. Let’s try to do a little bit better this time around.

12. Big Barry – Save for a meteor crashing into the earth and a miracle where he is the only survivor, there’s no way we ever hear from Big Barry again after this show. In this post-Apocalyptic world, we even think that some microbes may have a better shot of advancing to the next round.

11. Danielle Stallings – We don’t know if we’ve seen Danielle all season, but she’s still better off than Big Barry. The fact that she’s a singer could make her a wild card to advance, but we can’t really judge her without seeing her.

10. The All Ways – This cover band looks a little too much like LMFAO for our taste, and we’re pretty sure they don’t “Party Rock” quite as well.

9. Liondanceme – These lion dancers are actually really cool in what they do, but they messed up during their first audition. That and little airtime could come back to haunt them here.

8. Hawley Magic – We’re also staying a bit hesitant when it comes to giving this magic act a glowing recommendation, mostly because we’ve yet to see anything from them that actually redefines what it is to do tricks. The bad reception the crowd gave Jarrett & Raja last week also shows that the “America’s Got Talent” public are not huge magic fans.

7. Tim Hockenberry – While we are sure that the producers for this show are probably going to give Tim a strong edit and put him near the end of the show, there’s really nothing from this singer here that is altogether unique. He’s a little bit Joe Cocker and a little bit Michael Grimm — him winning would be the last thing “America’s Got Talent” would want.

6. Turf – Now, we get into a controversial subject. Is Turf tremendous at what he does? Definitely, but is he really better than Hairo Torres from a few seasons ago? We don’t think so. What Turf has in terms of an emotional story, he lacks when it comes to the emotional story within his dance. We’ve been impressed by him, but never moved … and we’ve seen so many dancers over the years that he’s yet to do anything that has completely surprised us.

5. Ben Blaque – What Ben does with a bow and arrow is really quite frankly astounding — but for whatever reason, it’s not the sort of thing voters traditionally respond to. Can he elevate this into something more than just him shooting a crossbow at stuff? He needs to show potential of a full Vegas act if he wants to advance.

4. Lisa Clark Dancers – Quite possibly our favorite dance act left now that 787 is gone. What made their audition so great was that it was unexpected — they came on stage acting like a normal ballet troupe, but then they were funny! It’s one thing to add humor to a dance, but it’s something else entirely when it is as crisp and as entertaining as what this group brings to the table.

3. Tom Cotter – Quite possibly the best pure comedian that “America’s Got Talent” has ever had. He’s seasoned, knows how to work an audience, and how to compress his material for the show’s brief performance time. America typically doesn’t respond to comedians, but in the worst-case scenario we expect to see Tom on a wild card show if he does not advance.

2. Donovan & Rebecca – Anyone who questions this choice should go back and watch their initial audience. Rebecca literally lifted her male partner all by herself! They have already shown diversity in acrobatics, so we have the luxury of knowing that we are going to get something new and exciting the moment they come out on stage.

1. Aurora Light Painters – We all know at this point what “America’s Got Talent” voters love — black lights, acts that are visual, and ones that appeal to their emotional side. While their audition was not necessarily perfect, we are beyond confident in these artists’ abilities to be as close to a lock for the semi-finals as someone can be.

Who do you think is the most likely act to advance to the next round? We want to hear from you below! Check back Monday night for a full review of the performance show, and we will see if our predictions here turn out to be true. Also, be sure to check out our recent interview with some eliminated contestants.

Photo: NBC

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