The Gong Show: Jason Prager of CarterMatt, Beauty and the Geek to appear

Jason PragerWhile the first two episodes of The Gong Show have been entertaining, things are going to be brought to another level when Jason Prager hits the stage!

You know him as co-founder Matt Carter’s castmate on Beauty and the Geek season 5; or, you may know him from here at CarterMatt, where he contributes and was a co-host for our past podcasts on Hannibal and Better Call SaulMaybe you just know him for being hilarious. It’s no matter! The big thing to know is that Jason is going to be a part of the upcoming July 6 episode where he will be showing off his talent as “The Geek M.C. Squared.”

If you recall on Beauty and the Geek, Jason showed off some of his geek-rap skills during the talent show challenge in episode 2. This takes things to another level, where if he pleases everyone enough (and avoids the gong) he could be the proud winner of $2,000.17 and a shiny trophy. On Beauty and the Geek, the only reward for the talent show was avoiding the elimination room for the week. Don’t get it wrong — it was still great since it got you one step closer to the grand prize (which was a lot more then 2000 bucks)! Alas, you wouldn’t get the grand prize until far later in the season, and Beauty and the Geek spoiler alert: Matt and Jason didn’t win. As a result of that, no check for winning anything – just some extra nerd cred.

Oh, and in case the photo above didn’t give it away, Jason has another talent: He’s extremely ripped. He didn’t earn the nickname of “One Buff Geek” for nothing. (In between this and “The Geek M.C. Squared,” accumulating nicknames may be another one of his many talents to go along with weightlifting, eating insane amounts of protein, and ranting about when Hannibal is going to be coming back on the air.)

Jason’s episode will feature such guest judges as Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross of Black-ish fame, and to go along with that the panel will also feature Saturday Night Live legend Dana Carvey. You’ve also got British hosting icon Tommy Maitland coming back to lead all of us “cheeky monkeys” on the road to having a good time! The show is silly fun and in this climate of people being super-serious and with social media becoming a cesspool of incessant rage, it’s kind of nice to turn on your TV and see ridiculous people doing ridiculous things. Everyone on the show is always in high spirits, and it’s hard to leave an episode without a smile on your face. If you really want to see a quick preview of Jason and the July 6 episode, a brief preview aired following this past episode if you’ve got that saved on your DVR. Here’s to hoping that ABC will put up a promo, a sneak peek, or something else prior to the episode airing.

So far, viewers are also responding rather well to the new Gong Show. The ratings for episode 2 kept the entirety of the 0.9 in the demo from the premiere. (Read more about that here.) That bodes well for Jason getting a nice audience, at least by summer standards.

Is an interview with Jason coming to CarterMatt?

You better believe it! On Wednesday, we’ll post a full interview with The Geek M.C. Squared himself about why he wanted to be on this show, his influences, his mad skills, and his goal to climb to the top of the ABC show reality-show mountain. It may be one of the funniest interviews in the history of the site, and well worth reading. We’ll also chronicle what happens to him in the episode when it airs in the form of a full review. More than likely, it’ll be fun one way or another — knowing Jason, he’ll turn it into a showcase unlike anything The Gong Show has ever seen.

For now, share your thoughts / enthusiasm about getting to see Jason in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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