‘The Bachelorette’: A surprising end to Emily Maynard’s season?

While you may think you know what is going to happen for the rest of the season on “The Bachelorette,” it’s possible that you could end up still getting surprised. This at least seems to be what show executive producer Mike Fleiss is saying as a result to the news that the end to Emily Maynard’s season was spoiled by Reality Steve earlier in the week.

In a series of posts on Twitter Saturday night, Fleiss started things off by hinting at a surprise:

“The live AFR will shock everyone who “thinks they know” how this season ends. It’s not over til it’s over!!!”

Then, he quickly turned his attention soon after that to the man responsible for supposedly spoiling his ending:

“Just my opinion, but people who get off on “spoiling” shows for other viewers are sad and pathetic. Get a life!!!┬áThe problem is “spoiler” info, true or not, leaks out. If u want to be a real part of the TV biz, try creating something.”

We’ve had an interesting philosophy on spoilers for these sort of reality shows — they are inevitable, and in that sense we may as well accept that it happens. However, there is a difference between a spoiler getting out for a few said people, and then these said people flooding the internet while journalists copy and paste the spoiler to the point where it is as commonplace as a headline. A season shouldn’t be ruined for people who want to watch the season and be surprised, and for the past few years that’s happened on a regular basis.

The other problem here is that Reality Steve, although he has made a solid living for himself spoiling “The Bachelor” franchise, is piggybacking his entire career on one show. If that show fails, what does he do, start spoiling other shows? If you look at the ratings for Emily’s season, you’ll notice that they reached a high just a day before Reality Steve posted the “winner” of the season. (He has been wrong on this said prediction twice before.) Was this due to the fact that people were getting involved in a show that they didn’t the winner for? It’s possible, and we will see if that is the case on Tuesday when the newest batch of ratings are announced.

Ultimately, our greatest fear is that somehow the spoilers for this show will end up being a part of the show’s demise, and it’s strange to think that hundreds of jobs could be impacted by a guy doing something that he feels entitled to do. At least on most other seasons Steve posted the spoilers early enough so that nobody was that invested in the people; however, this time around it’s the equivalent of someone taking the air out of your tires.

What’s your opinion on spoilers for a show like “The Bachelorette”? Be sure to take our poll below! If you want a spoiler-free look at where you think the final three stand, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC


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