‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Who is Joe Arvin?

For our latest chapter in our “Big Brother 14” houseguest spotlight series, we are taking a little bit of a different approach in that this is a contestant we really don’t know anything about just yet. He was a last-minute replacement for a sailing instructor by the name of Mike (who we saw in some early promos wearing a pink shirt), so with that he did not take part in some of the promotional interviews that some of the other contestants did.

We don’t have a lot of evidence to go on, but based on his CBS bio and a few other assorted details (including a way-too-enthusiastic YouTube video at the bottom of this article), here is what we know so far about the man that is Joe Arvin.

Name – Joe Arvin

Age – 41

Occupation – Chef

Hometown – Lexington, Kentucky (living in Schererville, Indiana)

“Big Brother” history – Based on what we’ve been able to gather, he has at least watched enough of the show to know who some of the big characters are. However, we do still doubt someone who looks up to Chicken George as one of their favorite people to ever play this game.

Strengths – Just being a chef alone helps this guy out. If someone is on slop and wants to find a way to make it taste better, he’s a nice person to have around. Just this title in itself is enough for him to make it to the jury house unless he does something really horrible, or is just one of the most annoying people alive.

Away from cooking, Joe seems to be a pretty competitive guy — even to the point of wanting to bring a football into the house to reind him that this constantly a game.

Weaknesses – Based solely on his cooking video, we have a feeling that Joe can come across as a bit overbearing. Nobody wants to have someone shouting at them all the time, especially when you are locked in a house where the only sound you hear is their voice.

If you also take a psychological viewpoint of Joe, there’s always this angle to play — as a cook and a nurturer, he may end up having a blind spot in seeing the fellow contestants more as people he takes care of rather than gameplayers. Shelly is one of the few older players in recent memory to avoid this problem, but it has doomed many other older contestants on reality shows across the board.

Prediction – How do you make a prediction when it comes to somebody that you barely even know? It’s tough. All we can really say about Joe is that he seems like a passionate, aggressive guy who is going to be a social butterfly in the house. This plus his cooking skills will probably get him to the jury, but we don’t know if he has the game chops to make it further than that. Like many loud houseguests before him, we have a feeling that somewhere along the way, he will cook his own goose by sticking his foot somewhere where it doesn’t belong … his own mouth.

Do you have any read on Joe based on what little there is available of him? We want to hear from you! As always, check out our poll below along with some of our other houseguest spotlights —

Photo: CBS



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