‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Jenn Arroyo hopes to rock

Every season on “Big Brother,” we tend to have one of two things — a contestant with a million tattoos, or a contestant who comes from a rock or heavy metal lifestyle. So who’s following up such people as Lydia, Matt, and Adam? On season 14, it’s Jenn Arroyo!

Jenn is certainly a fascinating contestant with many interesting stories to tell, but she may be one of the few interviews for the entire season where the contestant says next to nothing about the actual game. We could complain about this, but we actually prefer it far to the people who come in and pretend to be experts about a game they know nothing about.

Name – Jenn Arroyo

Age – 37

Occupation – Musician

Location – Brooklyn, New York

“Big Brother” history – None to really speak of. She’s not much of a fan of the show, and we’re not quite sure she has watched a single minute of tape before going into sequester.

Strategy – It’s hard to say whether or not fans are going to embrace this, but here it is — Jenn is just on this show to further her rock career. She made it pretty apparent in her pre-show interviews that she’s not there for the game, and in order to be memorable she is going to have to do one or two things — try to act absolutely insane, or simply keep herself around as long as possible. Even though she’s not a diehard “Big Brother” fan, we have a feeling she will still be entertaining as she fights hard to stay alive.

Strengths – As a person, Jenn is not someone who is going to be shy about her opinion. We don’t see her as much of a liar, and she is going to say what she wants to your face and will not beat around the bush about it. She’s also had a long journey to being a successful musician, and with that comes something that many of the younger contestants would know nothing about — resolve. We expect her to do very well in endurance challenges especially, and she will have no problem going on slop to further her game.

Weaknesses – Where does Jenn actually fit in with everyone else in the house? In addition to her not being much of a fan, she’s also the only lesbian and the only rock musician of the group. With that in mind, we don’t know just how much common ground she is going to have with models, students, or nurses. She also claims that she could be swayed by a “pretty lady,” and if one of the female contestants starts to manipulate her, she could find herself in trouble early.

While being opinionated and rather blunt is a plus, it’s also a negative in that the other houseguests know what they are going to get out of you. If you can be predicted, you can pretty effectively be stopped.

Prediction – Jenn seems like one of the coolest people in the house, but we don’t think she’ll be long for the game. Her look makes her an easy target early on, especially if some of the other contestants stereotype her and decide to not even give her a chance. Then, her lack of knowledge about the game could come into play when she has to try and fight for her life. We wouldn’t be stunned if she is the first one out, and we have a hard time seeing her make it to the midway point in the game. We ultimately just don’t see where she fits.

Do you think Jenn is going to be more of a force in the house than we do? We want to hear from you! Post a comment in the box below, and be sure to check out some of our other spotlights on fellow contestants Frank, Ian, and Ashley. All of our latest “Big Brother” stories are in the sidebar to the right of this article, and they will be there all summer!

Photo: CBS


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