‘Falling Skies’ preview: Is [spoiler] in trouble?

On Sunday night’s “Falling Skies,” trouble is going to abound for just about every member of Tom’s family — but more than anybody else, Ben is going to continue to go off the rails.

What is Ben being used for? That is not entirely clear, but he is still intent on keeping the fact that his harness is still going off a secret from just about everyone he can. The tiny scene at the end of the promo below is particularly telling in a haunting sort of way at just what could be at stake here.

Granted, not everything this episode is going to be all about Ben:

-We are going to see the return of someone to the 2nd Mass., but pretty questions some questions are going to come with it. Why is this person back, and what exactly that they want? Outside of supplies and a safe place to live, trust is one of the things in this post-Apocalyptic world that is incredibly hard to come by.

-Based on a very brief clip on here, somebody is going to be in serious danger of losing their life.

-Finally, Maggie is going to start connecting with Hal on a deeper level, as she finally starts to open up about her life. These two have to get together eventually … right? We are at least in season 2, so now is the time that there needs to be at least some progress made on the relationship front. Even if they don’t end up together right away, they have to take some steps in this direction eventually. (If nothing else, Hal making a move would mean that he heeded the advice given to her last week.)

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Photo: TNT

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