‘The Glee Project’: Aylin Bayramoglu takes over new rankings

For the first time all season long on Oxygen’s “The Glee Project,” someone with experience in the bottom three is #1 on our rankings for continuing to surprise and astound with pretty much every thing she does. There is something to be said for being an underdog — and there is even more to be said for continuing to improve week after week.

As we’ve said all season, we base our rankings on a few things — performance quality on the show, attitude, and whether or not the actor could be someone Ryan Murphy and the “Glee” staff would want to write about.

9. Charlie Lubeck (last week: #9) – At this point, we don’t see there being any way Charlie wins this season. He could knock every performance out of the park from here on out and not win — there are just too many red flags for a guy who has already been labeled as unprofessional. You have to not only take direction on “Glee,” but you have to make the most of your time. Charlie has done neither.

8. Ali Stroker (last week: #7) – At this point in the season, you really have to consistently impress if you want to make it to the every end of the season. Ali has been good in most of the video performances, but she really has never been singled out for being great. There is only so long that you can stay in the middle of the pack, and without a standout performance soon, she could be in trouble.

7. Michael Weisman (last week: #8) – Michael’s biggest issue on this show is simply that for whatever reason, he simply does not pop off of the screen. He needs to desperately find a way to showcase his personality beyond him just overthinking things in his head. Landing in the top three this past week was a start, but we are still not fully convinced.

6. Abraham Lin (last week: #3) – Now, we turn to a man who brings it some weeks, and then disappears the next. We’d rather have someone who is occasionally great rather than occasionally good, but there are better options than both of them. We still believe that Abraham has some life left on this show, but he needs to continue rising to the occasion rather than letting the pressure get to him.

5. Lily Mae Harrington (last week: #5) – We have never been particularly big Lily Mae fans, but at a certain point you have to recognize when someone is upping their game every single week. Two weeks ago, she was recovering from being in the bottom. Now, she is one of three contestants entering this week at the top.

4. Nellie Veitenheimer (last week: #2) – Nellie is a contestant who is so easy to root for. She’s still inexperienced in many ways of the world, but she has ambition and has proven to be a pretty fast learner. However, there seems to be some concern about whether or not she has the ability to stand out when the camera is not focused on her. In an ensemble show like “Glee,” she has to find a way to fix this.

3. Blake Jenner (last week: #1) – For the first time, we also saw one of Blake’s biggest flaws last week as he struggled to pick up some of the choreography quickly. While you can teach a good bit on this show, it’s hard to teach retention. Either Blake is going to have to get used to learning moves on the fly, or he could be in trouble.

2. Shanna Henderson (last week: #4) – Out of everyone on this season, Shanna is the only person who has yet to perform a last-chance performance. That bodes well for her ability to win this season. So why isn’t she #1? As consistently great as she has been, the last time she was truly head and shoulders above everyone else was back in week 1.

1. Aylin Bayramoglu (last week: #5) – Aylin killed in during “Adaptability” week. Some of the homework assignment winners have struggled with the extra responsibility during the video shoot, but Aylin blew everyone away. We’re not sure anyone has adapted to their own struggles quicker on the show, and for a program where personality is so important, she has one that is through the roof. We can see Ryan finding a role for her easily, and she would be different than everyone currently on the show.

Do you agree or disagree with our current picks? We want to hear from you in the comment box below!  If you want to check out the music video for Tuesday night’s new episode of the show, be sure to head on over to this link!

Photo: Oxygen

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