‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Watch ‘That Girl Is Poison’ sneak peeks

For our full look at Tuesday night’s new episode on “Pretty Little Liars,” there are two questions that are especially worth asking above all others:

1. What is Jenna trying to accomplish by pretending that she magically regained her sight recently?

2. Is Garrett really getting out jail in order to see his sick mother?

Both of these problems have Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily on a high-level freakout, and they are each scrambling to figure out just what to do.

In the case of the former, the Liars are going to be more than a little bit disturbed when Jenna arrives to school, reveals that she can see again, and starts handing out invitations to a birthday party like (to use the analogy on the show) she is a parade float on Thanksgiving Day. Why is she trying to round everyone up into one room? Nothing is ever simple on this show, and you know that she can’t just be trying to hang out with a bunch of people who aren’t really her friends.

As for Garrett, the common belief among our leading ladies is that he is coming out of prison to make contact with someone — whether it is a member of the “A Team” or someone responsible for digging up Alison’s grave. Following a visit from a certain detective, the girls are more worried than ever that they are going to be found out about not just the lake house, but that they are responsible for a number of objects being in Alison’s grave. All it takes is one person getting the wrong idea for them to end up in prison.

One thing we can say for sure in the midst of all of this mystery is thanks to Garrett, Jenna, and even Lucas, the Liars have fewer reasons to feel safe than they ever have before. Check out the sneak peeks below, and also be sure to look at the projected future for one of our favorite couples in Aria and Ezra.

Photo: ABC Family




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