‘The Newsroom’ preview: What is Will apologizing for?

If you thought that last Sunday night’s episode of “The Newsroom” was in some way a step down from the series premiere, there’s some good news coming in your direction — based on the new promo for Sunday night’s new episode, it looks as though we are going to be back to seeing “News Night” succeed in both reporting and infuriating a good many of the people who watch it.

Based on the promo below, Jeff Daniels’ Will starts off the hour by sending his employer into a tailspin by apologizing for his own program, saying that prior to the shake up with Mackenzie as the new executive producer, the quality and integrity of his journalism had taken a drop in order to get higher ratings. (He did not, however, use the Jay Leno analogy that we heard in the pilot.) That isn’t going to happen anymore, and the ramifications that are coming with that seem to be rather huge. Will angers many politicians associated with the network, and his line of questioning during interviews infuriates his guests, many of whom are accustomed to receiving softball questions in similar circumstances.

As for his work away from the camera, it also looks as though Will may be dating a new woman not named Erin Andrews — someone who he refers to as a “professional cheerleader” — and it may end up rubbing Mackenzie the wrong way almost immediately. Is she ever going to get back together with Will on this show? This is probably something that producers need to figure out sooner rather than later to establish the tone of the pair’s working relationship. Aaron Sorkin has never really been one to emphasize romance, so don’t be surprised if he nonetheless takes his time trying to work this dynamic out — is this to the benefit of the show to be so patient? We’re not quite sure, but that is probably what will happen, anyway.

Did you enjoy the first two episodes of the series, and what do you want to see happen with these characters Sunday night? Be sure to check out some of the latest casting news on the show in one of our other “Newsroom” pieces.

Photo: HBO


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