‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Introducing another episode title

In an article late last month, we revealed the first five episode titles from “Dexter” season 7 for your speculating pleasure. Keep in mind that these titles are in fact tentative, and could change depending on how things go in post-production and whether or not there are any last minute changes. For now, though, all of them seem to suggest that there will be a certain element of danger not just for Dexter, but for everyone through at least close to half of the season.

Now, we have more information on an episode that will come close to marking the halfway point for the entire season — specifically in the form of the title for episode 6. According to SpoilerTV, we are looking at an hour called “Do the Wrong Thing.”

For the first time all season, it’s possible that we may be looking at a title here that does not relate specifically to Dexter. After all, he consistently does the wrong thing, so there is no point in saying this to him now. Could it be a reference to Deb still trying to cope with the fact that her brother is a serial killer? We’re betting on it — if the title is not about her, then we are assuming that it has to somehow involve someone else at Miami Metro who at least have some sort of grasp on morality. Why else would they even have to think about doing “the wrong thing” at all?

At the moment, there seem to three major plots that will constitute much of season 7:

1. Deb and Dexter trying to come to terms with a new relationship now that the truth is out there.

2. A case involving gentleman’s clubs, which somehow leads to a woman named Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) getting involved in the investigation.

3. Captain LaGuerta’s discovery of one of Dexter’s blood slides, and how that leads to her trying to exonerate her old friend Sargent Doakes.

What do you think this new episode title means?┬áBe sure to also check out some of our latest headlines about “Dexter’s” panel at Comic-Con next weekend!

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