‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Will Frank Eudy wrestle to a win?

For our newest edition of our “Big Brother 14” houseguest spotlight series, we are focusing on someone who is unemployed, loves working out, and also is the son of a professional wrestler in Sid Vicious — but strangely, all of this, especially when combined with a winning personality, could end up being a recipe for him going pretty far in the game.

Name – Frank Eudy

Age – 28

Location – Naples, Florida (originally Marion, Arkansas)

Occupation – Unemployed

“Big Brother” history – He’s been a fan since season six, watched the “After Dark” shows for a few years, and has a decent knowledge about the game. He doesn’t just name-check Chilltown and Evel Dick to act like he is a fan. Even with all of this in mind, though, it’s probably too big of a stretch to give him the “superfan” level that so many people are keen to in this modern day and age. That goes to Ian instead.

Strategy – Basically, what Frank looks to be doing is play a pretty malleable game. He does have a silly idea known as the “dream team” where he basically has an alliance with a number of people who play distinct roles as a part of a team. He’s not necessarily locked into the idea that he has to lie, cheat, and steal to win, but he is also not opposed to doing it.

Ultimately, we see him as a guy who is going to think on the fly in the house based on what is handed to him.

Strengths – Despite being a guy who seems like he is just floating around in real life, Frank actually seems as though he has a pretty good head on his shoulders for this game. He is reminiscent in some ways of Hayden from season 12 in that he is open to showmances, working with a variety of people, and the understanding that you need to have strong allies if you want to make it far in the game.

He also promises to actually play the game, which is something (unless you are Jordan going up against Natalie in the end) that you pretty much need to do if you want to end up winning.

Weaknesses – Why is this guy so upset about slop? As flexible as he is in the game, some of his resolve has to be taken into question before the game is even going. He doesn’t seem willing to adapt to either his fitness or his health plan when it comes to his food, and if he starts to complain about it, he could get on everyone’s nerves within the span of a few seconds.

The only other issue Frank may have here is that players may be hesitant to trust the sweet, southern guy after seeing them do so well on a number of other reality shows.

Prediction – For whatever reason, we don’t see Frank leaving early. There are just too many bigger fish to fry in the house, and outside of his eating habits, he seems to be someone that would be cool guy to just kick it with. Being likable can keep you safe for a few weeks, but once the jury phase hits, Frank becomes a threat. If he tells them that he is unemployed, they could worry about him as a sob story and take him out once we get to around the final five or the final four stage of the game.

We don’t know if we see Frank winning, but we definitely see him going far.

How well do you think Frank is going to fare this season? Be sure to share some of your thoughts Below! If you want to check out some of our other houseguest spotlights, be sure to visit our posts on both Ian and Ashley. We also some more speculation returning players over at this link.

Photo: CBS


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