‘Big Brother 13’: what we’ve learned with Daniele in power


Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 13” officially marked the beginning of Daniele in power as the Head of Household (at least in TV terms), but it also showcased plenty of interesting developments when it came to shifting tides.

At the start of the episode, it was pretty much Daniele and Kalia versus everyone — but by the end, there were a few moves made to push things in a different direction:

-Her making a deal with Jeff and Jordan for them to keep her next week

-Her giving Lawon the HoH robe, and thus making him happy

-Being genuinely nice to everyone, and thus boosting morale

At the end the episode, Daniele made the decision to enact revenge (and make a bold move) and put both Brendon and Rachel on the block — so with that, let’s focus now on some of the humor from this episode:

-Adam having energy in his elf suit (the first time we have seen that all season)

-Jeff calling himself “Big Jeff” like he is the head of the high school football team

-Brendon and Rachel freaking out over Kalia genuinely trying to mend fences

-Adam eating fish heads, even though he is not a have-not

Do you think that Daniele made the right decision to put up one of the power couples?

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