‘Big Brother 14’ contestant spotlight: Ashley Iocco dreams of Snow White

For our second “Big Brother 14” spotlight of the day (read our feature on Ian Terry here), we are focusing on someone who is certain to be entertainment gold in Ashley Iocco — though we are also pretty sure that she has one of the most insane strategies we have quite possibly ever heard.

The one thing we will give our featured houseguest here is that at least she sees competent when it comes to getting along with all sorts of people — something that is vastly underrated at times when it comes to some of the crazies playing this game.

Name – Ashley Iocco

Age – 26

Location – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (currently West Hollywood, California)

Occupation – Owner of a Mobile Spray Tanning Company

“Big Brother” history – She claims to have watched the show extensively with her mother over the years, and even begged when she was younger to get the live feeds. She is not necessarily a superfan, though, and she actually was cast on this how after being initially scouted for a different show in the upcoming “Ready for Love” executive-produced by Eva Longoria.

If you love Jeff, you will be pleased to know that he is one of her favorite houseguests. If you hate Jeff, this is probably your cue to groan.

Strategy – This is where things get interesting. Ashley seems to be legitimately convinced that she can “hypnotize” people with her eyes into doing her bidding, and take part in what she calls a “Show White in the Seven Dwarves” alliances. Personally, we think she’s been watching too much “Once Upon a Time.”

In a nutshell, Ashley’s game seems to be that she is willing to flirt her way to the top if she can, though she has also been training with doing yoga and reading psychology books to prepare for some of the challenges — though personally, we’ve never heard of OTEV the singing clam try to instruct contestants in yoga poses. She actually reminds us of a louder, crazier Porsche, which is going since Porsche was an epic disappointment as a player.

Strengths – With her talk about constantly wanting to put “love” back into the world, we don’t think that Ashley is going to be someone who intentionally angers anyone around her. Just being friendly sometimes is enough to buy you a few weeks in this game, even though after a while you could be construed as being a floater.

As someone who is staying as a tanning company owner over a teacher (which is what she has a degree in), Ashley is proving that she is all about the money — and this could suit her well in a competitive game like this.

Weaknesses – Where do we even start here? We get a feeling that Ashley is completely delusional about her own abilities, and about how the “Big Brother” game really works. There are only a few people crazy enough to get wrapped up in what someone else wants them to do, especially after a season that featured so many newbies acting like zombies. If the mentor twist is happening, these returning players should help keep the newbies on their toes.

Prediction – There is a part of us screaming in our head that Ashley is going to be the first one out of the game for her silly “Snow White” idea, but she’s probably going to be smart enough to realize that this is ridiculous in the game, adapt, and possibly even become a floater for a while. We don’t see her possessing the skills necessary to win, but don’t be shocked if she becomes a player who makes it to the middle portion of the jury.

How well do you think that Ashley is going to fare this season? Be sure to answer in our poll below, and for some speculation about the returning houseguests twist be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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