‘True Blood’ preview: Bill and Eric run out of time

Bill Compton and Eric Northman have spent a sizable portion of “True Blood” season 5 in trouble, but on Sunday night’s new episode it looks as though this will escalate yet again courtesy of the rather cleverly-named device known as the iStake that has been wired to both of the vampires’ bodies.

Basically, the preview video below makes the stakes, pun intended, rather clear for the two of them — they either come up with some sort of evidence as to Russell Edgington’s whereabouts following his escape from his cement prison, or they each quickly meet a rather violent (and electronically-induced) end. This search is going to lead them to some people and places you would not expect — including a visit to one Sookie Stackhouse, who they are going to rely on yet again for help (though it’s not exactly clear how much she will be able to help them).

This season of “True Blood” has been different in that it is the only year where Eric and Bill have not exactly been jostling for Sookie’s heart most of the time, and they each seem to be instead content with the fact that neither one of them is going to end up with her. Instead, we have witnessed Joe Manganiello’s werewolf character of Alcide grow close to her, even to the point where the two hooked up at the end of last week’s episode. It’s not entirely clear just how long these two are going to end up being together, or if they just ended up having a one-night stand that will lead to some major awkwardness for the rest of the season. Someone better ring Sookie some more drinks if that’s the case!

Where do you think Bill and Eric should go in order to get some advice as to Russell’s whereabouts? For more on Sookie and Alcide, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: HBO

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