‘Big Brother 14’ houseguest spotlight: Is Ian Terry a superfan?

Now that the entire cast for “Big Brother 14” has been announced, we are now on to what is now the next phase of our pre-show coverage — trying to analyze some of the individual houseguests competing for the $500,000 prize. We don’t know who the returning contestants are just yet, so it’s hard to even speculate there — but the good news this time around is that the newbies for this season are at least far more entertaining thus far than the schmoes we saw for season 13. (See Porsche, Lawon, Kalia, Adam, etc.)

We’re starting with someone who could very well be for this show what John Cochran was for “Survivor” (minus the part where he ruins his own game by sacrificing his tribe) — Ian Terry.

Age – 21

Location – New Orleans, Louisiana

Occupation – Engineering Student

“Big Brother” history – He’s watched almost every season, purchased the live feeds on two occasions, and has even posted from time to time on Survivor Sucks (otherwise known as the hardcore “Survivor” or “Big Brother” fan’s favorite destination).

Some of his favorite past contestants include Dr. Will along with Jack from season 4 — meanwhile, he hates Chima from season 11, as does many other “Big Brother” fans across America who feel that she took the spot of someone who really wanted to play the game..

Strategy – Ian is hoping to play a somewhat honest game, and to form an alliance quickly and then ride it for as long as he possibly can. Think of him as a more honest version of Matt from season 12 — though he does recognize that he may need to descend into villain territory to further himself in the game, and he is willing to do so.

Watch out, ladies — Ian’s also looking for love! He is not only open to a showmance, but also seems to be hoping for one to happen.

Strengths – There’s no question that this guy has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game, and this could help him when it comes to planning ahead for some of the challenges and evictions. He’s also aware of how people can come across on the live feeds, and thus may be one of the few houseguests who is able to go on and live a normal life after millions of Americans have seen every move that he makes.

Weaknesses – As smart and as likable as Ian is, we also have a feeling he is going to be a little bit naive. At 21, he’s the youngest person in the game — and in particular, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’s been around too many women. If somebody flirts with him, he’s in a position to give them everything that they want.

Prediction – With that in mind, we’re not exactly confident that Ian is going to be someone who lasts for a very long time in this game. He will probably be safe for the first few weeks, but eventually he, likely thanks to someone who has manipulated him, is going to find himself in a situation that he cannot get out of. Think of this as a life lesson, Ian — if you’re too open to a showmance on a reality competition, people will walk all over you in order to win.

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Photo: CBS


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