‘Anger Management’ review: Did Charlie Sheen’s show improve?

After walking away from the season premiere of Charlie Sheen’s new series “Anger Management” with some mixed feelings, we wanted to give the show another shot and see if it could deliver the same sort of irreverent humor that we saw on “Two and a Half Men” for so many years. That show was never exactly poetry in music, but it gave you exactly what you would expect — silly, turn-your-brain-off humor that was perfect for its target audience.

On the surface, “Anger Management” did the same exact thing with its third episode that it did with the first two — there were some funny moments scattered here and there, and Sheen has always had a knack for elevating his material with his magnificently dry sarcasm that almost at times is like comedic sandpaper. Unfortunately, there is also only so much that Sheen can do with material that is this subpar. All of the patient characters are becoming more one-note by the minute, and the writing this week was mostly predictable in that it was the same exact thing as the pilot — we watched Charlie try to help out his anger management patients to break through, this time by getting them to stay up for 36 hours straight. At the end of the day, though, he was the one who started to let his rage get the better of him. Lacey is really one of the only patients who currently stands out, and that may be because she is the only one that we seem to be making any sort of tangible progress with it comes to her anger problem. (Then again, it took her almost making out with Charlie to get there.) All of these characters are still great canvases to work from, though, and in a way they could be similar to the supporting characters on “2 Broke Girls” — they started of terrible, but became better as the season progressed.

The more we watch this show, the more we do realize that it is almost senseless to waste a ton of time trying to critique it. This is mindless, breezy comedy that is not meant for any deep analysis. For some, it may serve as a nice “Two and a Half Men” substitute — but like tofu turkey, it’s still not as good as the original product. It needs further testing to rise up to Sheen’s level of talent.

Did you like episode 3 of the show as much as the first two? Be sure to check out some more “Anger Management” news, and leave your thoughts with a comment below.

Photo: FX

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