MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: Fear the sanctuary

What happens when some secret video footage supposedly gets stolen from the school? Let’s just say that panic ensued on Thursday night’s new episode of “Awkward.” The camera footage from “the sanctuary” (which is apparently the seediest area of the entire high school) ended up getting stolen, and it caused Jenna to slowly descend into a state of panic. Why? She knew that there was something on there with Matty that could end up being harmful to her relationship with Jake, and she didn’t know how to break the news to him. To make matters worse, Jake claimed that he didn’t even want to know about her past romantic entanglement, and Matty also wanted to keep it a secret. Yet, there was still that tiny lingering feeling of guilt that was starting to take over in her mind.

The other major plot that happened this episode was thoroughly entertaining in a way that only this show could pull off — mainly, it revolved heavily around Ming being inducted into the Asian mafia as she tried to negotiate for the release of the sanctuary tape that she didn’t even end up needing. While she did end up getting the coveted footage in her hands, it came at a price — specifically, that she would owe a favor whenever the time was right. Based on what we saw from the head of this mafia, though she doesn’t seem like the kind of person you want to owe anything to. This isn’t over…

At the end of this episode, there was some resolution to one major plot — but what made it refreshing was that the story was not entirely tied together completely. Jenna’s mother finally admitted to writing the letter, and the issue of Jake and Matty seems to be shelved for now … mostly because Jenna opted not to tell him, but assured him that there was no one else that she was in love with. We expect this love triangle of sorts to continue to play out all season, and while these stories are at times annoying, it totally works when the writing is as solid as it is here. At some point, we do still believe the truth will be out there.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: MTV

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