‘Snooki & JWoww’ review: ‘Mother Nature gets freaky’

We are now three episodes in to “Snooki & JWoww,” and the original appeal of the show is already starting to somewhat fade. We are effectively watching people who are at their best partying not partying, and without the mix of characters it is not as interesting to watch two characters and occasionally their boyfriends go out to eat.

Here is a list of some of the mundane activities that happened over the course of this episode:

-Going to a bathroom

-Buying fabric

-Buying drapes

-Talking to a pregnant woman

At least MTV tried to mix things up a little bit by making the stars attend a museum that taught them about sexuality, but even this was a little bit of a comedic letdown as the two were mostly put off by the exhibits (especially watching how animals do the nasty in their own unique way. The same goes for them eating at Ninja in New York City, where they mostly just sat there and acted as if they were too good to be scared by some of the people working at the establishment. If you are going to Ninja, shouldn’t you really expect this sort of thing? Granted, Snooki may have been upset about urinating when the ninjas jumped out at her — but if she was really that upset about it, wouldn’t she have been better off just leaving?

Unfortunately, “Snooki & JWoww” has the same exact problem as “The Pauly D Project” before it — there’s really not enough content to justify the show. We spent about twenty-five minutes before we got to the first real moment of reality in this reality show, as Snooki went to her doctor to find out whether or not her baby was in good health. The good news for her? The child is in good health, and she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Now, we just have to worry about whether or not this show is really going to go anywhere for the rest of this season.

What did you think about this episode, and does watching this make you miss the entertainment gold of “Jersey Shore” even more? Be sure to check out some of our latest news regarding “Jersey Shore” season 6, and share your comments below!

Photo: MTV

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