Fox’s ‘The Choice’ review: Did Rob Kardashian find a date?

At least some viewers still chose it.

We are nearing the end of “The Choice” this season, but thankfully Cat Deeley and company saved one of the best shows of the entire season until the end. Was it necessarily the best cast? No, especially since Finesse Mitchell and Steven Lopez are not exactly household names.

However, Mitchell almost single-handedly made this entire show worth watching courtesy of some rather great one-liners, including him making fun of himself when he couldn’t get any of the ladies to turn around. Over the course of the night, here is how some of the guys fared:

Finesse – We already mentioned it, but this guy is absolutely hilarious. His questions for some of the women were a little bit random, but that’s okay — we don’t have to take this show so seriously. After all, why should we when none of these people are realistically going to end up together?

Rob Gronkowski – First things first, we have a hard time believing just about anything that comes out of the mouth of a man who calls himself “Gronk.” He didn’t really do anything interesting on the show outside of acting like a frat guy, and we’re really surprised he had as many women interested in him as there were. One of the ladies who was, though, was quite possibly the most intimidating woman to ever come out of Boston. Even though she was local, he still didn’t pick her.

Rob Kardashian – The reality TV superstar was all about family on the show — he wanted to know about the ladies’ families, and he played very well into the persona that America in familiar with. The one thing we were reminded of during this show is that Rob is far funnier than people really give him credit for — and the woman that he chose was someone who seemed to be genuinely interested in him.

Steven Lopez – Finally, the Olympic gold medalist made the most interesting choice of the entire episode. He picked someone who was disciplined, smart, funny, and also a virgin. On a show where women constantly try to over-hype their physical appearance, it was nice to see someone who did not go the superficial angle.

Who was your favorite guy on this show? Be sure to check out some of our other news on “The Choice,” and share your thoughts below!

Photo: Fox

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