‘Take Me Out’ review: This isn’t ‘Sister Wives’…

Should we consider Thursday night to be the season finale for “Take Me Out“? Not exactly. Even though Fox is going to burn off the rest of the episodes on Saturday nights, this is the low-rated show’s last Thursday broadcast of the season. With that in mind, this is also the last time that we are going to be covering the show live.

We will miss a number of things about this show — the bad puns, the male contestants acting like they are cooler than they are, and most importantly Mindy somehow managing to find something wrong with every single guy that presented themselves during the show’s run.

Shawn – Dear Shawn, the Brown family from “Sister Wives” is about to come out and smack you straight in the face. Regardless of how you feel about polygamy, their show is at least a fascinating look at that lifestyle. Shawn, meanwhile, had to be a plant courtesy of his random blathering about wanting to date multiple people while his woman does the same (so it’s like there is polygamy all around!). The funniest thing here was that there was a woman who had her light on still after the segment about his dating life aired, and when George Lopez walked up to her she realized that she meant to press and forgot. Out.

Kash – Who spells “cash” with a k? There really wasn’t anything interesting about this guy except that he is a southern boy who wants to be a punter — otherwise known as the most-mocked position in professional football. He did get a date, and we will give him some credit for at least picking the woman who had some nice intentions, and was not just out to the nasty with him right away.

Michael – Before we get into Michael, we first and foremost have to give a shout-out to the new lady on the panel in Natasha — a woman who seems to be the new Mindy (even though Mindy is still there) when it comes to being ridiculously entertaining. We want her to get a date mostly so that she can scare the living daylights out of him.

The only thing that was interesting about the first man Natasha had a chance at dating was that he liked to save money — and when he said that he tries as hard as he can to get things for free, the buzzers rang out like they were in a symphony.

Davin – This was a bit of an interesting case. Davin as a contestant started off great — he was good-looking, wealthy, and committed to success. Then, he admitted to cheating on his first love … and we’re shocked that everyone didn’t buzz out. After he admitted that his next girlfriend cheated on him, he claimed that he learned his lesson. Did her really? Maybe, but we’re not sure we would risk a relationship on it.

Are you bummed that “Take Me Out” is being moved to Fridays, mostly because there isn’t really anything on TV that provides this sort of silly, mindless entertainment? You can check out some more “Take Me Out” by heading over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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